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¡Hola! I'm Manuel Rodriguez-Sanchez

I'm a Cross-Platform Mobile Engineer from Cádiz, currently working as a Freelancer.

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I’m based in Europe. Mostly in Madrid, Spain, although I love to travel and work remotely from different cities. I studied Informatics Engineering in Cádiz, a small town in the south of Spain, and London. React Native, Cross-Platform technologies and how we humans interact with devices are some of the things I’m passionate about. I love to listen to and collect as much music as I can and almost always carry a film camera with me so I can take some pictures.

What I’ve been up to 👨🏻‍💻

  • Madrid, Spain
    New Jersey, USA
    April 21 - Present
    (1 year)
    Mobile Lead - Bolster

    I started working with Bolster in 2021, with old Upturn colleagues and some new ones. I'm serving as the mobile lead, started the project from scratch and defined the mobile architecture. During this time I've been learning about: Lead role, Product development, Python, Hexagonal architecture, AWS

  • Madrid, Spain
    San Francisco, USA
    Nov 18 - April 21
    (3 years)
    Cross-Platform Mobile Engineer - Intelygenz / Upturn

    While being part of Intelygenz I worked on a React Native project for a leading FinTech American company, Upturn Credit, developing their mobile application from scratch. Being part of the cross-platform development team of Intelygenz, I also worked on several mobile and web projects, mostly made with Ionic and ReactJS. Learned about: React Native, Jest, Cucumber, React, ATDD, NodeJS, Snapshot Testing

  • Madrid, Spain
    Feb 18 - Nov 18
    (1 year)
    Full Stack Developer - Intelygenz

    Worked on a Ionic project for a fast food spanish company, developing their mobile application. Being part of the cross-platform development team of Intelygenz, I had also worked on several mobile and web projects, mostly with Ionic and React. Learned about: Ionic, Jira, Testing, HTML, CSS

  • Cádiz, Spain
    Jul 17 - Aug 17
    (2 months)
    Web Developer - Friking Design S.L.

    Worked in a team developing a BackOffice WebApp for Friking and designing and managing the database. The WebApp was developed using Django Python. Learned about: Django Python, Database Design

  • Cádiz, Spain
    Mar 17 - Jun 17
    (5 months)
    Computer Science Department Intern - University of Cádiz

    Support and evolution of the Android application 'GuessIt!' for learning languages in a university environment. Database administration and obtaining use statistics of the application from the MySQL Database. Learned about: Android, MySQL, Database and system administration

Education 📖

  • London, UK
    Sept 17 - Sept 18
    Engineering Exchange Student - Kingston University

    During this engineering exchange with Kingston University I was enrolled in modules such as 3D Graphics Programming, High Level Game Development or Projects and their management. During that year I was part-time writing a paper about Cross-Platform technologies. Also, I learned how is living in a foreign country and about cultural diversity.

  • Cádiz, Spain
    Sept 14 - Sept 18
    Informatics Engineering, BSc - University of Cádiz

    In University of Cádiz I learned the basics of programming and engineering. I did an specialization in Software Engineering and project management. I learned languages and technologies such as Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, Angular, MongoDB, etc...


Projects 📱

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    Mobile application where users can monitor their credit score and establish disputes over their credit report items

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    Comparative study between most used Cross-Platform frameworks used in the software industry

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    Bot that automatically adds to your google calendar the release dates of your favourite Netflix shows

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